Children's Services Council of Martin County (CSCMC)
Application Information

The Children's Services Council’s funding decisions are rooted in its strategic plan.  The plan is based on a series of indicators of youth health and well-being.  This data is used as a guide to track how Martin County’s children are fairing in relation to the state and nation.  The Council carefully considers areas where Martin is underperforming in comparison to the state.  Those areas often influence the enhancement or expansion of existing services or may even reveal the need for a service that is currently not available in Martin County. Together with many partners in the community, the Council is regularly examining the conditions in the community and their impact on children and their families.  All of these factors are considered when the Children's Services Council sets its funding priorities.

If an organization is interested in providing services to children and their families in Martin County but has not been funded by the Children's Services Council, a Letter of Inquiry can be submitted to the Council at any time throughout the year.  NOTE:  If the inquirer is requesting consideration for an invitation to apply during the annual funding cycle, the Letter of Inquiry must be submitted to the Children's Services Council of Martin County by the July 1 each year.

The annual application cycle begins in December of each year.  All invited applications are due by the following February and are subject to an extensive review.  Funding allocations are typically approved by the Children's Services Council in April, and funds are officially available to programs from July 1 through June 30 of each year.