Children's Services Council of Martin County
2014-15 Funding Priorities



·       Maternal & Child Health - These programs help to ensure that children are born healthy and thrive during the first year of life.

·       Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention - These programs increase positive mental health and behavioral outcomes and increase the child's capability to address stress constructively.  Programs may also serve to prevent/reduce alcohol and other substance use.

·       Physical Health - These programs focus on healthy behaviors that promote physical health including healthy weight and oral health.



·      Information and Navigation - These programs serve as a gateway to community services including health insurance and may include eligibility determination.

·      Family Strengthening - These programs provide education and skill building to enhance parent-child relationships and to help build family resilience and capability to function under stress. They also serve to prevent child abuse and neglect for families at risk of involvement or further involvement with the Department of Children and Families.



·       Injury Prevention - These programs help to ensure that children are safe and free from unintentional injuries such as water safety, teen driving and bicycle safety programs.

·       Delinquency Prevention - These programs prevent or reduce delinquent behavior and may include measures to promote socio-emotional competence and self-regulating behavior.



·       Early Learning & Development - These programs help to ensure that children are ready for kindergarten, including identification, referrals and provision of services for children with identified developmental delays; high quality childcare; and early childhood literacy.

·      Youth Development/Academic Support - These programs focus on healthy behaviors, academic support, and life-skills. These programs help to ensure school success with a focus on reading on grade level and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education.