Children's Services Council of Martin County Governing Statute

An Introduction to the Children's Services Council of Martin County

The Children's Services Council of Martin County is an independent special district of local government, authorized by Florida Statute 125.901 and created by Local Ordinance #348 on June 28, 1988.

The purpose of the Children's Services Council is to plan, coordinate, fund, and evaluate programs and to address public policy issues relating to children in Martin County.

To implement its mandate, the Council is empowered by local referendum (November 8, 1988) to access an ad valorem tax up to one-half mill ($0.50 per $1,000) of non-exempt property evaluation.

The Council is composed of ten (10) members:

- Five (5) ex-officio members (appointed by virtue of their office or position), including:

Juvenile Court Judge

Member of Martin County Board of County Commissioners

Member of Martin County School Board

District 15 Administrator of the Florida Department of Children and Families or his/her designee

Superintendent of Martin County Schools


- Five (5) Florida Governor appointees to serve terms of (4) years each