Business of Benevolence – First Citizen’s Bank

CSCMC is proud to highlight our local business owners who live and give in Martin County as a Business of Benevolence!  We are thankful for businesses and leaders in Martin County that offer continued support and partnerships that create community unity.

Cheree had the privilege of representing CSCMC while meeting with Sarah Baker, AVP and Financial Sales Manager for First Citizens Bank.  CSCMC would like to thank First Citizens Bank and recognize them as a Business of Benevolence. It’s because of businesses and leaders like Sarah and her team of banking professionals that make Martin County such a wonderful place to live.  First Citizens Bank is the largest family controlled bank in the country and a great community partner. Sarah serves as the Board President for Martin County LEADERship Alumni. 

Sarah understands the importance of investing in our youth and joining hands with local business partners to reach a common goal. She wants to take this opportunity to ask other LEADERS to raise their hand and get involved with the youth, because they are our future.

CSCMC is proud to support the LEADERship Martin County Alumni Foundation for Youth;  this program helps build up our next generation of leaders.  Within Children’s Services Council of Martin County, we have 5 alumni of the adult LEADERship Program.  To learn more about these organizations visit:

*If you have a business that you want to highlight as a Business of Benevolence, email: