Business of Benevolence – FPL

CSCMC is proud to highlight local business owners who live and give in Martin County as a Business of Benevolence!

Cheree danced her way to the wonderful Kiwanis Park in downtown Stuart. She met with Marshall Critchfield, the new Sr. External Affairs Advisor for Florida Power & Light (FPL).

FPL keeps our lights on, finds new and innovative ways to conserve energy and expel less emissions into the air, are strong believers in building the next generation, plus so much more. They live and give here in Martin County to recognize key opportunities to give back. You can find members of their team at beach clean-ups, their logo on many nonprofit and program banners, and they are the first out after a storm to make sure you have power. The list goes on! You can visit their website for more information:

CSCMC would like to thank organizations like FPL in the community and recognize them as a Business of Benevolence. It’s because of organizations and leaders like FPL that make our community great!