Dancing Around Martin: Special Edition MCSO

Cheree danced her way to Witham Field, KSUA, to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office hangar. She had the privilege of dancing with Deputy Sheriff Andrea Olson, Deputy Sheriff Joseph Angelico, Deputy Sheriff Andy Adams, and Deputy Sheriff Crystal Nash. CSCMC is recognizing the MCSO as a Business of Benevolence and a necessity for a safe community.

Cheree spoke with newly appointed Chief Deputy John Budensiek, a Martin County native. He knows the importance of keeping our seaside town safe. If you weren’t aware of the many departments/units within MCSO and the programs initiated by them, watch this video, check out their website and social media pages for updates. They recognized a need for a different approach towards offenders with mental health issues, they have an officer in every Martin County school, they are at community events, and they catch the troublemakers trying to enter our county (#wrongexit), plus so much more. We have the best Sheriff’s Department in all of Florida. Thank you for partnering with organizations and working together for the betterment of Martin.

Look to the sky, as MCSO’s new 2020 Airbus H125 reports for duty! Another helicopter added to their surveillance fleet.

CSCMC would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. It’s because of organizations and leaders like Chief Deputy Budensiek and the rest of Martin County Sheriff’s Office that serve and protect us everyday that ensure we live in a safe community.

Sheriff William Snyder is a past STAR from2014’s DWMS cast, that raised awareness for @mchealthystart. To learn more about the upcoming 10th Anniversary event visit their website at www.MChealthystart.org