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Florida Statute 125.901

Florida Statute 125.901:

Amended 1989 – Juvenile Welfare Services [Ch. 89-379 {Committee Substitute for House Bill No. 1818}, Part III Infants and Toddlers, Section 26, Subsection (2)] that added one Council Member for a total of 10, which was the Juvenile Judge who could sit as a voting member of the board, except could not vote or participate in setting ad valorem taxes [millage] (if more than one Judge was assigned to juvenile cases in a county, the Chief Judge would designate one of the said Juvenile Judges to serve on the board); also the Administrator from the appropriate district of the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (now called Florida Department of Children and Families) could be on the governing board or his/her designee.

Amended 1990, but CSCMC took the option to continue to operate under s.125.901 as it existed prior to 10-01-1990 (as footnoted in s. 30, ch. 90-288)