Funding Priority Areas

In alignment with the current CSCMC Strategic Plan the following CSCMC Funding Priority Areas are:


Maternal and Child Health
Maternal and child health programs help to ensure that every baby is born healthy and remains healthy.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention
Mental health programs help children manage painful emotions, improve mood and lower anxiety, develop positive relationships, and increase resilience.

Physical Health
Children develop healthy habits that promote better health as well as improved learning.


Information and Navigation
We improve the lives of families by connecting them to a wide range of community resources.

Family Strengthening
Families overcome obstacles and build support systems through programs that provide education, counseling, and skill building. These programs also serve to prevent child abuse and neglect.


Injury Prevention
These programs help to ensure that Martin County is a safe place to live. Entry-level swimming lessons, parent water safety classes, and domestic violence education are examples.

Delinquency Prevention
Youth who are at-risk or who have committed a delinquent crime are redirected through programs to help ensure that they do not have deeper involvement with the Juvenile Justice system.


Early Learning & Development 
Investing early in childhood language and literacy ensures that children start kindergarten ready to learn, read and succeed.

Youth Development/Academic Support
Afternoons and summers can be vulnerable times for at-risk youth. These programs are designed to keep youth safe; with engagement in social, educational, structured activities.