CSCMC is a proud supporter of the arts and cultivating a creative nature in our youth. Marvin S. Cone 35th Annual High School Juried Arts Show had a plethora of amazing young talent showcased. Hats off to all of the participants, we are excited to be bringing Forelsket a piece by Ronna Callaghan from Martin County High School to our office to display year-round.

Artists Theme: The main purpose of my image was to depict the feeling of love. Capturing love in an image is a difficult task since love is an emotion that is felt rather than seen. Love is described as the deep feeling of affection, this affection can be seen for living things, objects, or even hobbies. In my image, I made the attempt to depict a different kind of love, the love for nature and the world around you.

This piece spoke to us here at CSC, it takes love and dedication to plant a seed, and watch grow. To nurture life and invest time. At CSC, we take pride in the work we do to help fund programs within Martin County to invest in our future, our children.