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Letter of Inquiry For Funding

An organization that is interested in providing programs to children and their families in  Martin County may submit a Letter of Inquiry to Children’s Services Council of Martin County at any time throughout the year.

Please note that the submission of a Letter of Inquiry is not a guarantee of eligibility to apply for CSCMC funding. For more information, please refer to the Funding Eligibility policies in the current CSCMC Program and Funding Policies document located at www.cscmc.org under the menu headings Funding Information/Provider Resources.

CSCMC Funds may be available for programs that satisfy the Developmental or Partnership Fundingcriteria. Developmental Funding is typically awarded to programs that are new to Martin County or to expand an existing program with proven outcomes that is not currently funded by CSCMC. Developmental Funding grant amounts do not exceed $35,000 and Partnership Funding grant amounts do not exceed $20,000.  Developmental and Partnership programs usually receive lower allocations in the initial funding years. Organizations must reapply annually.

The Letter of Inquiry should be no more than three pages and should be addressed to: David L. Heaton,Executive Director, Children’s Services Council of Martin County, 101 S.E. Central Parkway, Stuart,Florida 34994-5905.

The Letter of Inquiry should include the following information:

  1. The name of the organization, the name of the program, and contact information (i.e., contact person’s name, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address).
  2. The name of two or more funding entities (not including CSCMC funding) that contribute sustainable funding and/or resources to the proposed program and the dollar amount of the funding and/or resources. Documentation showing proof of these funding sources should be included with the Letter of Inquiry, if available, or no later than with the submission of a CSCMC Application.
  3. The funding amount requested from the Children’s Services Council of Martin
  4. The total program annual budget.
  5. A description of how the program is in direct alignment with the goals and strategies of the CSCMC Strategic Plan.

The Children’s Services Council of Martin County will contact the submitter of the Letter of Inquiry regarding the outcome of the initial review.

Click here to download pdf of the Letter of Inquiry.